What to Expect with the Level Method!

The Level Method uses a 3 step system: Assess, Address, Progress — rinse, repeat!

The first step is to ASSESS your current ability by going through your initial assessments. 

You can use the app to log your results and keep track! 

*FYI… the MAP is not online, it’s printed and hanging in your gym.*

This is so all assessments take place in the gym.

Once you complete an assessment of a category, look at the corresponding color on the MAP and log the results in your Level Method app. 📱


Then, with your new-found information, you’ll ADDRESS your weaknesses. 

You can simply keep training regularly, then do an assessment in 3 to 4 months and see how you’ve improved OR you can work with one of your coaches and target your weak areas in a refined way so you Level up faster!…💥


If you are working on your weaknesses and training you WILL improve, and you’ll level up when you re-assess! 

It’s a great time to celebrate your awesome achievements, ⭐️and then back to working on the next weakness areas. 

Keep up the great work, it is well worth it! 

UP NEXT: Part 3, The Level Method SECRET Sauce

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