What is the Level Method?

You’re probably wondering right? What the heck is the Level Method?

Well it’s a system that will show you and your coaches exactly where you stand in fitness.   

It gives you the knowledge, and your coaches the tools, to help you achieve your goals faster than ever before. ⚡️

Now there’s a whole lot of psychology and science 👨🏾‍🎓behind everything we do — but the simplest way is to think of martial arts – white to black belt.

The MAP (“Method of Athletic Progression”) is a detailed yet easy-to-understand chart of athletic tests that measure and reward greater achievements in physical capacity.  

You’ll see a colorful board consisting of Levels moving left to right (separated by vertical lines),  and Categories from top to bottom (separated by horizontal lines). 

Each category has an upper number (MALE Standard) and a lower number (FEMALE Standard) and there are 32 Levels in each category. 

The Level Method measures your fitness across 15 categories that cover 10 “energy systems” and over 60 different functional movements and variations. 🏋🏽‍♀️

Basically, you’re going to see a TRUE snapshot 📸 of where your fitness is!

The 15 categories are comprised of things like Upper Body Pull, Deadlift, and Running. 

Each category moves from left to right →, from beginner to advanced, and correspond to colored levels, similar to a martial arts belt ranking system.

The information you obtain through these tests will show you exactly where you are in your fitness journey.

Knowing exactly where you are in your fitness journey is the first step needed to safely and effectively progress toward your goals. 

UP NEXT: Part 2, What To Expect with the Level Method.

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