WAG Holiday Guide

Survive the Season Without Skipping Out

Check out the WAG Holiday-Guide!

It’s got healthful holiday recipes and strategies for staying on track with your nutrition amidst celebrating with friends and family. While remaining healthy and active should stay on the agenda, we encourage you to direct your attention to more than just than flexing your willpower at the dessert table: enjoying yourself and your company.

For those of us who are focused on our health and fitness, that can be easier said than done, especially when food temptation seems to be a part of every tradition. Being hyper-focused on food choices may take away from the joys that come with the holidays. Instead, try focusing on making mindful food choices — without obsessing. Have your cauliflower mashed potato (page 11) and enjoy one of Mom’s famous cinnamon rolls, too.

Choose to go to the gym because you want to feel good, not because you want to do ‘damage control’ from social events.

Savor up these good times!


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