The Weekly Thruster – So Your Friends Want Abs Too…


Happy New Year! This is the month for everyone’s goals and resolutions. So make sure to welcome all the new members you will see in class. But how did they get there? In this episode, we walk you through the mindset of a person looking to get into CrossFit and the path we take them on that just about guarantees their success here.

It all starts with them scheduling a FREE Intro session where we get to know them and why they want to start a training program. Give a tour of the gym, talk about the programming and why CrossFit works. Next up is an easy movement assessment, warm up, and very scalable workout anyone of any fitness level can do.

If they do decide to become a member, we definitely do not throw them into a class right away. This is where our Foundations Classes are the key to success. Its 3 private sessions where we take them through all the movements they need to be familiar with so they are ready to get the most out of every workout. It really takes a ton of the stress and intimidation of doing something radically new.

So if you have a friend or family member thinking about making 2021 their healthiest year yet, just have them go to and set up their FREE Intro Session today!

Also be sure to check out our 6 Month Membership Giveaway as well. Be sure to enter by 1/13/2021!! Check out the video on our FB page.


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