The Weekly Thruster – Reflections on Fitness & Disneyland

Congratulations to all that competed in last weekend’s SLO County Games! Thanks to Headstrong for putting on a great event.

Today we also discuss how hard it can be comparing ourselves to other people here at the gym and feeling like we aren’t fit. Well my recent trip to Disneyland reminded me otherwise. The prolific use of motorized scooters due to people’s inability to move their body throughout the park was staggering. It wasn’t the exception. The majority of attendees at Disneyland are not able to enjoy a day at the park. I’m not talking about the people who pick horrible shoes for walking but those who are incapable of walking or getting on a ride without assistance.

Moral of the story is, just because you don’t RX some or all of your workouts, you are still in the top 90% of the population. If you think that’s an exaggeration… take a trip to Disneyland.

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