The Weekly Thruster -How to Regain Full Range of Motion

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=””][vc_column_text]Is your mobility holding you back? Full range of motion and being in the proper positions not only prevents injuries but makes you’re performance go through the roof. And trust us, we all have our spots that could use a little help. We have just the tool for you! While its been around for a little while, its a phenomenal app that can really make a huge difference in as little as 8 mins a day.

Take a peek as Keanu and Mike walk you through the basics of GoWod and how it can help change your life for the better.

More info can be found at (We are NOT sponsored and make nothing off of this app. This is info is purely because we love you!)

The purpose of GOWOD is to allow to each practitioner to test his mobility to become aware of his own capacities and limits, by privileging the quality of movement, and a safe progression.Mobility is, as you know, essential to the progress.

The first GOWOD mobility test is free to all – allowing everyone to get a better understanding of themselves. It’s available on the app once you have created a GOWOD account.
þ The test takes 10 minutes to complete and all you need is a floor and a bank card or similar sized card, to take measurements . You can retest each month to track your progress.
þ The test takes both the user’s flexibility AND mobility into account.þ The test results are given as an overall score, as well as 5 specific scores:
Shoulders, Overhead, Hips, Posterior Chain and Ankles.
þ The weak spot which will most benefit from improvement is automatically set up in the profile. The algorithm takes into account not only the score but also the benefits that can be brought to the areas most commonly injured while practicing CrossFit.
þ GOWOD Premium PRE WOD and DAILY mobilization protocols always take into consideration the weak spot set up in the profile, in order to prioritize certain exercises within the protocols and improve the user’s weak spot first and foremost.

All of the exercise videos in GOWOD Premium are available for free, for unlimited use and without any advertising, with a view to providing GOWOD users with the highest quality experience.
Each exercise is categorized according to body area, exercise type, and equipment.

GOWOD Premium protocols allow everyone to mobilize independently, before or after the WOD, at the box or at home, safe in the knowledge of what to do at all times, and in a totally personalized manner. Anyone can try it for FREE, with a 14-day trial period when you subscribe to GOWOD Premium on the website.

The various GOWOD Premium mobilization protocols are designed to be fully adaptable to the needs of each practitioner:

Biomechanically researched protocols to maximize the intensity of the WOD, it will improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Includes short stretching sessions, dynamic exercises selected for their effective approach in optimizing the quality of active movement, and self-massage techniques.
Take into consideration :
þ The time available to the user
þ The movements to be completed during the workout
þ The weak spots which will most benefit from improvement (while still prioritizing the movements done during the workout)

Protocols based on self-massage in order to speed up recovery, aid the drainage of metabolic waste, and relax the body by targeting the muscles that have undergone the most stress during exercise.
Take into consideration :
þ The time available to the user
þ The movements that have been completed during the workout

Equipment-free protocols based on stretching and extended mobilization exercises to be completed, ideally, 3 hours before or after workouts or on rest days. These protocols have been designed with a view to improving the body’s long-term mobility and flexibility, by targeting the weak spot set up in the user profile.
These can be done without equipment, at the box, at home or outdoors. Users can practice as many DAILYs as they like throughout the day, and will find that the exercises always vary, even if they complete several DAILYs in a row.
These factor in:
þ The time from or until the workout or rest day
þ The time available to the user
þ The weak spot which will most benefit from improvement[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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