The Weekly Thruster – How should you be holding onto the pull-up bar?

How should you be holding onto the pull-up bar?

ALWAYS thumb wrapped and knuckles over the top. Why…??

Thumbs wrapped around the bar

1. Safety. The thumbs wrapped will help keep you from flying off the pull-up bar by providing a better grip.

2. Skill transfer…we wrap our thumbs on barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and rope climbs so why would we not on the pull-up bar –

Knuckles over the top

1. Stronger hold on the bar, especially with dynamic movements. It allows you to engage more of the lats, which is the key to stronger pulling.

2. Less hand tears! With the knuckles over the top of the bar, the movement of the kip/butterfly is controlled through the wrist and shoulders. Therefore causing less shifting of the hands on the bar. The more your hands shift, the more friction is created between the palms and bar.

3. Efficiency! With more engagement of the lats and shifting of the hands, your quality of movement will carry into higher volume and skill transfer. The higher that you move the body over the bar (C2B and BMU), the more the hand has to rotate around the bar to support the body. If you’re knuckles are already over the top, you can use more of the lats (this all strength) to move the body higher by having to do less work. It will take practice and getting used to, but it will be a game changer!

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