The Weekly Thruster – Robert “Abs” Barger is not shy, hear him roar!

We invited Robert on the show today to share a little bit about how he’s found success in the gym. It was a fun chat and we get to hear how he’s gotten off his blood pressure medicatin recently. Spoiler alert: Robert acheives through his consistency. He doesn’t spend 4 hours a day working out. He’s way too busy for that. He has 2 year old twin at home for pete’s sake! But what he does do is make time to come into the gym every day. “You just have to make it to the warm up.” Its those little committments each day to himself that have paid off big time. He has slowly changed his nutritional habits as well which has done amazing things for his body, energy, and mental health. It truly is an honor having all the Barger’s in the gym everyday, and we look forward to telling even more stories just like his in the coming weeks.

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