REAL STRENGTH (and nerd 🤓science Energy Systems!)

Lifting heavy things, objects … that’s objective strength.  

Being strong ‘for your size’ — that’s relative strength.  

Both are important, and the Level Method measures both.

If you have to move a boulder, being big and strong is an advantage.  

If you have to climb a long rope, being small and strong is an advantage.  

But nobody gets to choose the emergency — we have to be prepared, whatever the crisis!  

Lose fat, gain muscle💪🏼 — acquire strength and skill! 

The LEVEL METHOD gets all of this done and shows you exactly what to do!  

Stay strong in your strengths, get strong where you’re weak, and improve your OVERALL LEVEL!  

Understanding the BASICS of Energy Systems🤓 

Energy Systems is a complicated word for how the body uses different fuels to do things.

Why are energy systems important? 

Energy systems give us insight into how workouts should FEEL!

This sounds really weird, but the body is complicated, and to make the best progress, you shouldn’t do crushing workouts all the time

Energy systems give us a language and framework to understand these concepts. 

In our next post we’re going to give you a SIMPLE analogy to bring these concepts together. 

Until then, keep up the great work!

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