March 2022 Committed Club

HOW TO MAKE THE COMMITTED CLUB & HOW IT WORKS: Show up to a minimum 16 classes in any month (4x per week) and get your name on the board. Every month we do a raffle drawing for any member who made the Committed Club to receive some cool prizes! Every quarter we do a special drawing for those who made the Committed Club all three months some even cooler prizes! Make it all year, you will receive a FREE Month’s Membership and a Committed Club T-Shirt! Just make sure you reserve your spot class through the CF Ergo app every day to receive credit for the workout!

Minerva 23

Stephanie C 21

Shanna 21

Julianna 20

Valerie 19

Sophie 19

Aaron 19

Kodie 19

Bonnie 18

Sareah 18

Jannet 18

Nigel 18

Dixon 17

Tim T 17

Rebecca 17

Steven 17

Natalie 17

Richard H 17

Cristina 17

Jacob P 17

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