Level Method First Steps: How to set up your phone for Chalk It Pro

We have been working on a big project behind the scenes over the last 2 months.  This was not something we wanted to rush, and its finally ready!  Watch the video for all the info.  

Be on the lookout for your activation email. This is a very important step, but don’t worry, it’s really an easy one. 

Other instructions and news to follow over the next few days so keep an eye on your inbox.  

Step 1: Activate you Level Method Account.

You will receive an email with the Subject Line: Confirm Your Level Method Account

Once you have this activated, you technically won’t have to log in here again. This is just the piece that puts the right buttons in the workout journal app, Chalk it Pro. Chalk It Pro will replace Beyond the Whiteboard moving forward. You will be able to export your BTWB data if you choose, but more on that later in Step X.

Step 2: Activate Chalk It Pro

Use this LINK to register in here. Be sure to use the same email address you have registered on your CrossFit Ergo account. You can find this in your Ergo app under member profile. Once you have set that up, they will send a PIN code to your email. I will admit this step is pretty clunky, but once you’re in, you should be set.

You should have been sent the link to download the phone app but you can also find this here:

If everything is all synced up and working, you will see the MY LEVELS tab in your Chalk It Pro app. Fantastic job! You are ready for Monday!

For more info on how to use Chalk It Pro click HERE.

We are focused on your success and promise to invest in the best tools available to ensure that’s possible.

What you’ll be able to do with Chalk It Pro:

  • See the gym’s programming
  • Track your daily workout results
  • Record and retrieve your lifting, body composition and workout result history
  • Import previous your history from other providers
  • Create custom workouts
  • Create custom leaderboards with private share codes (CHIP Codes)
  • Support others within our community with high fives, comments, GIFs and through Chalk Talk

Step 3: request your data from BTWB (optional):

In order to export all of your BTWB workout data, you will need to request it from BTWB. This is done using this link to submit a ticket. I tried to have them send me everyones file all at once, but it looks like they’d rather receive 150 individual requests. πŸ™„

Step 4: Import your BTWB data (optional)

Follow these steps…

Please do not alter/save the files after they are sent.

**Please note this feature is not available on the mobile apps.  You will have to use a browser on a personal computer to import your data.  β€‹

Import steps:

1)  Using a pc/laptop go to

2)  From the navigation menu on the left select Profile

3)  Click the History tab and select your file under Import Workout History

4)  Press the Import button to start the process.

5)  Wait for the results via email.


If you run into any problems, please reach out to me or send them an email at with questions.

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