If you are local to Paso Robles or simply visiting our awesome downtown, you have noticed the paid parking stations placed throughout Downtown Paso Robles. We have noticed how hard it is to find information on these new parking policies and even harder to understand.

We have got to the bottom of this and found that it isn’t hard at all, especially when you download the parking app WAY TO PARK.¬†You can also easily use the conveniently placed parking kiosks on every corner.

REMEMBER, always register your vehicle when you come into town during active hours of Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm.

If you come into town after 4pm Monday – Thursday it will be free to park AND you will be on time for Happy Hour!

We hope we helped clear this up for your next trip into Downtown Paso Robles. We will see you in the the gym!

REMEMBER 14th street is FREE parking, just one block away from downtown and close to Cal Coast Beer Company!

IF you want to read about the entire process the city went through to come to this conclusion and all details, check it out HERE!