Meet our experienced and educated coaching team, dedicated to your fitness and health goals. We aim to provide the best in programming, community and instruction to make your time in the gym the best hour of your day.

Chad Redongo
CrossFit Trainer

Chad Redongo

As a competitor, Chad Redongo quickly found out that he not only wanted to use CrossFit as a workout program, but to do it as a sport...

Keanu Redongo
CrossFit Trainer

Keanu Redongo

Always loved being in the gym, but always looking for a more challenging task to complete, he found CrossFit in December of 2013...


“To Optimize Your Health Through Proper Body Movement”


  • Safe, Comfortable, Positive & Friendly Environment
  • Support & Encouraging Community Culture
  • A Place for All Levels of Training
  • Promote Individual Goals & Success
  • Teach Proper Body Movement


At CrossFit Ergo We are not all about competitions and egos, but rather a local community where we can serve others under the study of San Francisco CrossFit and mentorship of Dr. Kelly Starrett (physical therapist, strength and conditioned coach, and world expert in human movement), CrossFit Ergo has done just that.

CrossFit Ergo is a strength and conditioning gym for people of all levels of training, ages, and limitations. It is a non-competitive, comfortable, and positive environment that promotes individual success.

The trainings and members are very friendly and down to earth. It is a great place to get the result of private training in a group setting were everyone is supportive and encouraging in a healthy way.

“You should be able to squat like its your job, its how the human body was built,” Dr. Kelly Starrett.

When someone arrives to a class it is the number one goal to get that person to move the way we are designed as humans. We are reprogramming your body to move correctly for the rest of the day. When an individual is consistent at our gym, they will reclaim missing range of motion which leads to enhanced function.  This results in ultimate body reconditioning, long-term injury rehabilitation, and a very happy healthy you.

“The goal is to get fit, make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people and blow off some steam.  So, remember that. Relax. Have fun. Work out.”  – Pat Sherwood




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