Month: December 2019

WAG Holiday Guide

Survive the Season Without Skipping Out Check out the WAG Holiday-Guide! It’s got healthful holiday recipes and strategies for staying on track with your nutrition amidst celebrating with friends and family. While remaining healthy and active should stay on the agenda, we encourage you to direct your attention to more than just than flexing your…

Holiday 2019 Schedule

Next week’s limited Holiday Schedule: Monday: Regular Schedule – 5:30 & 8:30am 4:15pm, 5:30pm Tuesday: 9am ONLY – 12 Days of Christmas WOD Wednesday: CLOSED Thursday: 8:30am 4:15pm & 5:30pm ONLY Friday: Regular Schedule – 5:30 & 8:30am 4:15pm, 5:30pm Saturday: Open Gym 8am, 9am Class Sunday: CLOSED