Month: April 2019

Wednesday 5-1-19

In teams of two, complete the following for time:100 Alternating Front-Racked Reverse Lunges (135/95 lbs)400 Meter Run (together)80 Push Presses (135/95 lbs)400 Meter Run (together)60 Power Cleans (135/95 lbs)400 Meter Run (together)40 Dumbbell Box Step-Overs (55/35 lbs; 24″/20″)400 Meter Run (together)20 Bar Muscle-Ups400 Meter Run (together)

Monday 4-29-19

A.Every 90 seconds, for 18 minutes (3 sets) of:Station 1 – Single-Arm DB Press (right) x 8 reps @ 2111Station 2 – Single-Arm DB Press (left) x 8 reps @ 2111Station 3 – Single-Arm Dumbbell Row (Left) x 8-10 reps @ 2111Station 4 – Single-Arm Dumbbell Row (Right) x 8-10 reps @ 2111 B.Complete as…

Wednesday 4-24-19

A.For time:36 Kettlebell Swings36 Push-Ups24 Kettlebell Swings24 Push-Ups12 Kettlebell Swings12 Push-Ups B.Every 2 minutes, for 18 minutes (3 sets) of:Station 1 – Barbell Hip Thrust x 6 reps @ 21X1Station 2 – Band Pull-Aparts x 30 reps @ 1010Station 3 – Hollow Hold x 60 seconds (accumulated time)

Tuesday 4-23-19

In teams of two, alternating each movement, complete ten rounds for time of:400 Meter Run10 Overhead Squats (115/75 lbs) or Thrusters10 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″) (Partner A runs; Partner B performs 10 overhead squats; Partner A performs 10 burpee box jump-overs; Partner B runs; Partner A performs 10 overhead squats; etc….)

Monday 4-22-19

A.Four sets of:Bulgarian Split Squat x 8 reps each leg @ 30X1Rest 45 seconds after each legSupinated-Grip Bent-Over Barbell Row x 8 reps @ 21X0Rest 60 seconds The goal for today is to establish your 8-RM Bulgarian Split Squat B.For time:1000 Meter Row100 Air Squats75 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)50 Front-Racked Kettlebell Walking Lunges (switch arms…

Friday 4-19-19

A.Three sets of:Barbell Z-Press x 8 reps @ 2011Rest 45 secondsWeighted Strict Pull-Up x 8 reps @ 1111Rest 45 secondsDumbbell Rear Delt Flies x 10-12 repsRest 45 secondsAb-Wheel Rollout x 8-10 reps @ 3011Rest 45 seconds B.Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:20 Lateral Jumps Over Parallette10 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches5 Strict…

Thursday 4-18-19

Every 10 minutes, for 30 minutes (3 sets) for max calories/reps of:2 Minutes of Rowing (for calories)2 Minutes of Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)2 Minutes of Assault Bike (for calories)400 Meter Run Note number of calories/reps achieved in each set. You can take your time on the 400 meter run, but make sure your focus during…