Month: March 2018


Crossfit Mainsite WOD: Five 3-minute rounds of: 10 front squats 10 box jumps Row for max calories Rest 3 minutes between rounds. *Men: 185-lb. squat, 36-in. box *Women: 125-lb. squat, 30-in. box Scale to: 155/105lb, 30/24″ box


A) 8 minute EMOM: 3 touch and go power clean and jerks @ 60-70% B) 100 wallballs for time (20/14lb). 1st time you break do 1 round of Cindy (5 pullups-10 pushups-15 air squats). 2nd time you break do 2 rounds of Cindy. 3rd time you break do 3 rounds of Cindy, etc etc. *Scaling…